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Child is binge eating? – Here’s what parents should do? | Healthy Eating During Pandemic

The global pandemic has made us rethink our eating habits and our immune system. But children are binge-watching and binge eating in their semi-vacation mood. It’s a common issue, children tend to eat...

Parenting Tips In Times of COVID-19 Lockdown By Dr. Samir Parikh – Fortis Healthcare

Parents, you might have many questions and concerns when it comes to dealing with your child’s questions and behaviour due to this sudden lockdown, which is now again extended. We got your back! Recently...

The Latest ‘Skullbreaker’ Tik-Tok Viral Trend, not worth the Risk!

Social media today is flooded with trending challenges. A couple of minutes on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and you are bound to find some or the other challenge that teenagers popularize within a few...

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