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How to fight Coronavirus (COVID19) in India – Coronavirus Advisory

safety tips for coronavirus

Parents, teachers, children and members of the Ryan Family, you would be aware of the Coronavirus outbreak across the world and in India recently. We urge you all to take precautionary measures to keep yourselves and your families safe. Here are some safety tips you should follow to help the community fight against coronavirus.

We also wish to inform you that all teachers and staff members of the schools are continuingly being briefed upon on COVID-19 to ensure implementation of all precautionary measures.

Government of India has also set up a 24X7 helpline number to attend to queries about the ‘novel Coronavirus (nCov)’ as the number of cases rose across the world. “A 24X7 call centre is active for responding to queries on ncov2020. Anyone seeking information can call on the number 011-23978046,” the Union ministry of health said in a tweet.

As Indian authorities work to contain the coronavirus outbreak, we as the public should avoid panicking. There are a number of steps one can take to reduce their risk of getting a Covid-19 infection.

At present, the whole world, is going through a situation and it’s natural for any person to get stressed. Mental stress does not only affect adults, but also children. In order to know the mental state of children, it is necessary to understand the important changes that have taken place in them. Parents, make sure you to recognize these changes and act accordingly.

One last and the most thing to keep in mind – don’t fall prey to fake news and forwarded messages!

There’s plenty of misinformation out there on the coronavirus outbreak, and sharing it is dangerous. Follow trusted sources of information — these include the World Health Organisation and India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Ryan Editorial Team

Ryan Editorial Team