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Parenting Tips In Times of COVID-19 Lockdown By Dr. Samir Parikh – Fortis Healthcare

Parents, you might have many questions and concerns when it comes to dealing with your child’s questions and behaviour due to this sudden lockdown, which is now again extended.

We got your back! Recently we conducted an insightful session by Dr. Samir ParikhDirector, Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences for Fortis Healthcare which was attended by over 1000 parents on YouTube.

While we are bombarded with fake WhatsApp forwards and misinformation about coronavirus, Dr. Samir shared some essential tips and tricks that can help you to answer your child’s difficult questions as well as shared signs to watch out for if your child is facing emotional stress and understand their mental behaviour, caused due to the current lock down.

Watch Dr. Samir as he shares parenting-related tips and also answers parent queries like:

Hi, my in-laws watch news about coronavirus all day with my children. Would this affect my child negatively? – Leeandra D’souza

How to keep our children glued to books and not to their mobile or tablets? – Shikha Shrivastava

How to engage kids in physical activity in limited home space? – Parth Khanayat

Here’s what parents had to say after the live session –

Really appreciate this session. A thoughtful and considerate initiative! – Aleem Shah Mohammad

Thank you, very helpful video – Sachin Bishnoi
Very nice information for children as well as for parents – Kishan Singh
Thanks sir for this valuable session – Parth Khanayat

If you have some questions, do let us know in the comments below & Ryan Counselling Team will address it for you. 

Ryan Editorial Team

Ryan Editorial Team

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