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2020 - December

Role Of Technology In The Current Academic Session

01 December 2020

Watch as Ryan Pinto (CEO, Ryan International Group) and Zishaan Hayath (CEO, Toppr) discuss "Role of technology in the current academic session". Speaking with more than 1000+ attendees, this webinar highlighted the importance of technology in education with detailed insights provided by the panelists.

2020 - November

Success: Not To Be Judged On Results

28 November 2020

Success is not aligned with results, but the present education system gives undue importance to it.

Read this The Teenager Today Magazine article wherein Dr A. F. Pinto (Chairman, Ryan International Group) speaks about Student Stress due to exams and unrealistic expectations set by parents. The rapidly developing world requires skill oriented and problem solving entities that are groomed by good education.

Dr Pinto also addresses how the 'New Education Policy 2020' will help to reform the old education structure, for the better.

Nurturing Global Citizen through ‘The Ryan Way’

27 November 2020

Read this Times of India featuring Ryan International Group and how ryanites' scholastic abilities foster life skills and are dedicated to all-round development. Madam Grace Pinto (MD, Ryan International Group) also shares her vision about 'The Ryan Way' to nurture global citizen-leaders through holistic learning.

2020 - October

What has 2020 taught Teachers and Students?

21 October 2020

The pandemic challenged old ways of functioning for all sectors. Read this Mid Day article, wherein Dr. Grace Pinto (Managing Director, Ryan International Group) shares her views on how COVID19 was a game-changer for the education sector and its impact on the future. Whether it was unlearning and learning for the teachers, or the students’ adaptability towards Elearning, it all worked out for the better.

What has 2020 taught teachers and students?

21 October 2020

Madam Grace Pinto, Managing Director, Ryan Group Of Institutions penned down an article on Indian Education during and post COVID-19, and how the lockdown will shape the future for education stakeholders.
The need for unlearning and learning will be unparalleled, especially with the introduction of the New Education Policy 2020; shedding some light on this, Madam Grace Pinto shares her expert views. Read the Teen Community Magazine below

2020 - September

School curriculum and pedagogy reforms – Ryan Pinto

30 September 2020

Conversing with EducationWorld India on the school curriculum and pedagogy reforms, Mr. Ryan Pinto (CEO, Ryan International Group), expressed his views on the technicalities of the New Education Policy 2020.
Mr. Pinto, also explained the aspect of a 360-degree multi-dimensional report card, with the NEP's remarkable shift from rote learning to holistic learning - "The NEP 2020 policy document emphasises assessment for learning and not assessment of learning."
Read more of the insightful conversation here:

Ryan International Group recognised as 'Educational Brands of the Year, 2020' by Knowledge Review

08 September 2020

Another accomplishment to rejoice! The Knowledge Review has recognised Ryan International Group in the annual listing of 'Educational Brands of the Year, 2020' for providing best-in-class academic facilities and opportunities for students' holistic growth and excellence. Dr. Madam Grace Pinto (Managing Director, Ryan International Group) was also interviewed in light of this recognition on how Ryan International Group of Institutions helps children in their endeavour towards excellence. Read the interview here: #RyanInternationalSchool

2020 - August

WION Education Summit - Dr. Snehal Pinto

31 August 2020

India's 34-year-old education policy sets for a reform with the new National Education Policy, 2020. Weighing on this subject matter, 'WION Education Summit - Decoding National Education Policy 2020' featured experts in the field of education to dissect the document and explain its benefits for the future generations. Dr Snehal Pinto (Director, Ryan International Group), among stalwarts in the panel, answered questions on how foundation learning for students will be strengthened with the new policy; how to strike the right balance between global and regional languages for career opportunities; and how to get teachers to invest in upskilling during the COVID-19 period. Watch the insightful discussion telecasted on WION below.

Aisa One 40 Under 40 /most Influential Leaders 2019-20

08 August 2020

Another accolade for Mr. Ryan Pinto, CEO Ryan International Group! He has been awarded the ‘40 Under 40, Most Influential Leader, 2019-2020' by AsiaOne Magazine.

Taking the virtual route

04 August 2020

Dr. Madam Grace Pinto (MD, Ryan International Group) in an interview with Mid-DAY, spoke about the implementation of E-Learning during the lockdown and the challenges faced. Undeniably, virtual learning has proved to be an important part of the education system with the on-going pandemic. It is necessary to understand the benefits of e-learning to boost teaching-learning experiences for the future.

Also, read the Mid-Day article authored by Dr. Madam Grace Pinto, on 'Post COVID Future of K12 Education in India' for more

Link 'Post COVID Future of K12 Education in India'-

2020 - July

Preparing Students and Teachers for Virtual Learning

24 July 2020

Dr. Madam Grace Pinto (Managing Director, Ryan International Group) authored an article for Entrepreneur India, that elaborates key elements of virtual learning, to ensure smooth teaching-learning experience. She also expressed that virtual learning is not only the new normal but, also the way forward to enhance education. Link 'Entrepreneur India'-

Day of the Results: A day to celebrate or a moment to despair?

21 July 2020

Results are just a part of life, there will be exam-like situations that students will face, and learning from that is what matters more.
Read this The Teenager Today article by Dr. Augustine F. Pinto, Chairman of Ryan International Group on how mindsets need to change regarding, 'Result Day' -

2020 - June

A quick online learning guide for parents

27 June 2020

Parents are the ones who guide their children to find the right online learning approach and provide extra help when needed. Here's an article featured in Deccan Herald authored by, Ryan Pinto, CEO of Ryan International Group, sharing some important pointers for parents to understand online learning better to provide optimum support to their children.

Leaders who can revive Indian education - Madam Grace Pinto

26 June 2020

Ryan International Group of School's Managing Director, Madam Grace Pinto was interviewed as one of the '50 Leaders Who Can Revive Indian Education', by EducationWorld. Read the article to know her valuable insights and views on education during the on-going pandemic situation and how educational institutions must adapt for an uncertain future

Post-COVID Future Of K12 Education In India

23 June 2020

Innovation in the phase of adapting. Here's a BW Education article authored by Madam Grace Pinto, MD, Ryan International Group, sharing her views on the importance of Ed-Tech and how it will serve as an advantage in the education system and help make the students future-ready after the COVID19 pandemic

E-learning: The Advantages and Challenges

17 June 2020

A new normal has been set by the Coronavirus pandemic and E-learning is proving to be an essential catalyst for education. Here's an Entrepreneur India article, authored by Ryan Pinto, CEO, Ryan International Group of Institutions, sharing his views on the key advantages and challenges that will enable effective strategies for online delivery of lessons.

2020 - May

Decoding an action plan for COVID19

29 May 2020

Watch Ryan Pinto, CEO, Ryan International Group decoding a plan of action amidst the COVID19 crisis for the education system. In conversation with RJ. Varjesh Hirjee on 92.7 BIG FM, Mumbai, Ryan talks about the switch to Ryan E-learning shortly after the lockdown and how our students, parents, and teachers have adapted to this innovative form of learning in such a short span.

E-learning portals affirm a shift in perception as users adapt to challenges.

26 May 2020

During this current Lockdown, learning never stopped for students and teachers!
Here's a Deccan Herald article where Ryan Pinto, CEO, Ryan International Group of Institutions, talks about how Ryan Teachers have adapted to Ryan E-learning and the role of parents in their child's learning.

Arjun Vajpai goes up and down 20-floor building 162 times to celebrate 10th anniversary of his Everest climb

03 May 2020

Arjun Vajpai (Alumni) of Ryan International School, Noida who became the 'Youngest Indian' to climb Mount Everest, at the age of 16, marked the 10th anniversary of his glorious feat by climbing up and down a 20-floor building, 324 times (162 times up & 162 times down). Read the full article featured in Times Of India.

2020 - April

Ryan E-learning: Money Control

29 April 2020

With over 85% attendance in our Ryan Elearning lectures, learning continues in full swing for Ryanites. Read on, as Ryan Pinto - CEO, Ryan International Group of Institutions explains how Ryan schools ensured continuity of the teaching-learning process in an article featured in

How do you know if a child is stressed? Learn about the five changes that occur between them

28 April 2020

Being under constant stress can lead to poor mental health. However, many parents wonder how to recognize that their children are under stress. Read the article featured in Lokmat, authored by Ryan Pinto (CEO, Ryan Group), to understand the five important changes that might have taken place in your children, in order to know their mental state.

Help children manage lockdown stress

23 April 2020

Physical and Social Distancing has led to emotional and psychological distress in children. Moreover, the kid's suppression of emotions makes it more difficult for parents to understand what they feel. Read the article featured in Deccan Herald, authored by Ryan Pinto (CEO, Ryan Group) to help parents understand and manage their child's stress during the lockdown.

2020 - March

The Times of India NIE article 'International Womens Day'

09 March 2020

The Times of India NIE article on Madam Grace Pinto (M.D. Ryan International Group Of Institutions), who has been a guiding light to generations of students and teachers. This International Womens Day, Madam Grace speaks on how Women Entrepreneurs are bringing a positive impact to our society. She also encourages young girls and women to focus on their contributions in different sectors and help make this world a better place with endless benefits for everyone to cherish.

Forbes Magazine Wpower Self Made Women

09 March 2020

In this month’s special edition of Forbes India focusing on ‘Women Empowerment’, our very own MD, Madam Grace Pinto made it to the list of Inspirational Women, who climbed her way to success.

Read along as Madam Grace sheds light on the importance of strengthening parent-children relationships and also the kinds of activities incorporated by our schools into a child’s overall development and more.

2020 - February

Approach Your Exam With A Positive Mind-Set

12 February 2020

As the exams get closer, we can see the tension building up. In such a crucial moment our Chairman, Dr. A. F. Pinto, has provided a new approach that will help Ryanites emerge as confident achievers, not only in their upcoming exams but also in their life in general. He has also shared some tips which Ryan Teachers & Ryan Parents can follow for this exam season to go smoothly. Read today's feature of TIMES NIE now!

Brainfeed 7th National Conference 2.0

08 February 2020

Brainfeed Magazine recently hosted the most-awaited ‘Brainfeed 7th National Conference 2.0’ in New Delhi, where Ryan International Group received the highest number of awards, with a total of 14 schools receiving awards for the category – ‘Best Schools of India’

2020 - January

Article in Grihshobha

28 January 2020

In conversation with Grihshobha Madam Grace Pinto, MD of Ryan International Group talks about the right composition for success, approach towards providing education for every child and what makes Ryan International Group of Institutions stand out in the education sector.

The MATH-A-THON - 24 Game Tournament

20 January 2020

The MATH-A-THON - 24 Game Tournament concluded with our grand champion Damani Gupta of Ryan Global School, Andheri, followed by Siya Dhar and Yuvraj Bhatia from Ryan International School, Malad-ICSE. This was an exuberating event aiming to make learning fun. Our math geniuses brought out their best to compete with other scholars.

2019 - December

The 16th edition of Ryan International Children Festival was featured in Hindustan Times

12 December 2019

The 16th edition of Ryan International Children Festival was featured in Hindustan Times. The article called attention to the theme of the children’s festival, Generation Equal whose aim was to urge kids to overcome gender prejudices and celebrate Equality.

2019 - November

A conversation with a World Leader in education

25 November 2019

Entrepreneur and educator - Madam Grace Pinto, in an interview with Grihshobha talks about the various challenges she faces and how the Ryan International Group of Schools stays on top in the field of education. She also shares her advice for aspiring teachers and their contribution to the creation of future entrepreneurs, sports persons, and professionals across industries

Times Education Icons 2019

20 November 2019

Ryan International Schools are recognized as the best in schools education by ‘Times Education Icons 2019’ and for ranking amongst the Top Schools in Mumbai by Times School Survey.

2019 - October

BW Businessworld 40 UNDER 40 Club of Achievers 2019

30 October 2019

Ryan Pinto was recognized as one of the brightest young Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Game Changers under the age of 40 and awarded the elite 'BW Businessworld 40 UNDER 40 Club of Achievers 2019’ award by Business World Magazine.

2019 - September

Ryan International Group's Article feature in Forbes India

24 September 2019

Forbes India highlights how Ryan Group has helped to create a paradigm shift in the perspective of a good education by allowing parents to understand that while studies are important, education is about all-round development. We are over the moon about this feature, as our group always strives to make education inclusive of academia and co-curricular for Ryanites for a better tomorrow.

India Today recognizes Dr. Madam Grace Pinto as 'National Builders in the Education Sector'

24 September 2019

India Today recognizes Ryan Group MD, Dr. Madam Grace Pinto as National Builders in the Education Sector. With a vision to contribute to the nation's growth and development, Madam has proved to be an epitome of service and commitment in creating a generation of skilled and well-educated youth, who pave the way for a better India nationally and globally.

Ryan International Group Featured in Forbes India

09 September 2019

Ryan International Group Of Institutions significant contribution to social inclusion featured in Forbes India.

Guru Cool 3.0

05 September 2019

Ryan International School, celebrated Teachers Day in an unconventional 'Guru Cool' style. Nick India, a leading kids’ entertainment franchise took it a notch higher with their campaign Guru Cool 3.0. They partnered with the rapper group 7Bantai'Z to engage teachers and students in an amazing Rap Battle ‘R se Rap’. The entertaining rap was created where students demanding fun, learning and teachers speak of the importance of education and the balance that needs to be maintained. Nicktoon Shiva and 7Bantai'Z pumped up the kids with their music and also shared a few rapping tips. The celebrations lit up the school with joy and enhanced bonds between teachers and students.

2019 - July

Leading Schools of India

02 July 2019

Ryan International School, Greater Noida has been recognized as one of the ‘Leading Schools of India’ by Leading Schools Corp. USA, world’s first and only auditing and certification body that recognizes schools with an Honours Roll for being a leading school of the world. Only 40 schools across India were given this prestigious honour. Focus on academics and all - rounded development of students, combined with tech-savvy teaching methodologies has earned Ryan Greater Noida this title.

2019 - May

Madam Grace Pinto featured among the list of eminent ‘Visionaries of Education’ by Hindustan Times

28 May 2019

Madam Grace Pinto featured among the list of eminent ‘Visionaries of Education’ by Hindustan Times

When an educator with a vision takes the lead to shape the future of education in the country, learning and education become meaningful and enjoyable in the 21st century competitive, technology-driven, globalized world!

One such visionary is our Managing Director- Madam Grace Pinto, who was recently featured among the list of eminent ‘Visionaries of Education’ by Hindustan Times.

In the article, Madam talks about various initiatives taken by Ryan International Group in creating future-ready global individuals, who can take on challenges and excel in every walk of life.

Featured in Bombay Times

13 May 2019

Ryanites from Ryan International Schools across India have topped the charts as district, city and national rankers.

Ryan Teen Camp 2019

02 May 2019

An article covering Ryan Teen Camp 2019 featured in latest MiD DAY edition.

2019 - March

Article in Mid Day

14 March 2019

A parent advisory social initiative from Ryan International Group of Institution

2019 - February

Telescope Making Session

23 February 2019

The students from Ryan International School, Kundalahali were thrilled to attend a night sky observation and constellation mapping session. Mr Bharat of Young Innovators Educational Services Pvt Ltd guided the excited Ryanites on how to locate the constellation by using a green laser and operate a telescope by entering the coordinates. They viewed the Orion Nebula and were thrilled to see Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Earlier, Ryan International School, Kundalahalli had also organised a 'Telescope Making Session' in which students got a closer look at the evening sky, moon, stars with the help of 5-inch micro-reflector telescopes that they made.

TCs iON Gems of Tomorrow Contest

08 February 2019

The students of ryan international group of institutions recently participated in TCS iON IntelliGem - India’s first-of-its-kind contest that assesses the aptitude of school students’ on the 21st Century Skills,with a vision to unearth the Gems of tomorrow. The contest encourages young minds to test their quotient on reading skills, financial literacy, ethics, values and life skills as well as the super skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication). Our students Trisha Shenvi (Ryan International School, Malad-ICSE), Mansimran Kaur Randhawa (Ryan International School, Sanpada), Anishka Chaudhary (Ryan International School, Ludhiana), and Preetham. R (Ryan International School, Kundalahali) were declared runners up at TCS iON Intelligem.

2019 - January

Business World Education Leadership Summit 2019

14 January 2019

Our CEO, Ryan Pinto was invited to speak on the panel at Business World (BW) Education Leadership Summit 2019 as part of the Leadership discussion on 'Establishing and Maintaining Your USP In Competitive Saturated Markets'
BW Education Leadership Summit aims at recognising the applauding quality of education in India by uniting Institution leaders and regulators to explore how they can leverage technologies, strategies and management tools with each other to help create a world class Institution.

British Council International School Award

02 January 2019

Ryan International School Bolpur and Ryan International School, Gurgaon Sector-40 have won the prestigious British Council International School Award.

2018 - December

Interaction Session with Head of Departments University of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

14 December 2018

Interaction Session was conducted by Head of Departments University of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for student of Ryan International Group Of Institutions. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology team informed students of the Ryan-Pennhub partnership and the global exposure that awaits them. Dr. Rob Furey, HOD- Forensic Science, at Harrisburg University guided students on the career prospects of pursuing Forensic Science and the undergraduate programmes ranging from Biotechnology to Geo Spatial Sciences, to Nanotechnology, Virtual Reality

2018 - November

I want to be an Author contest

22 November 2018

In celebration of their 26th running year, Crossword Bookstores had arranged the ‘I want to be an Author’ contest for budding writers at Ryan International School, Malad-ICSE. Dignitaries present at the event were Dr. Radha krishnan Pillai, author of Corporate Chanakya, Mr. Vinayak Shetty, Young Author of Crossroads and Cross times, Mr. Anup, publisher from ‘The Write Place ‘and our CEO Ryan Pinto. The initiative provided students with a platform to write short stories. Out of the entries received, 39 stories were shortlisted and will be published as books by Crossword Bookstores Ltd.

2018 - October

Nutritionist Karkera addresses Ryan parents about micronutrient deficiency in children

04 October 2018

As the country is caught between rising child obesity on one hand and malnutrition on the other, a third challenge that is rapidly emerging is the micronutrient deficiency in children due to wrong eating habits.

Addressing a Facebook Live session for the parents of Ryan Group of Institutions recently, Priya Karkera, Head of Nutrition at Fitterfly – in an interactive session with parents pointed out that child obesity is going to rise at an alarming rate from 76 million to 91 million by the year 2025. Read the entire article here:

2018 - September

Article in Mid Day

05 September 2018

Madam Grace Pinto, Managing Director of Ryan Group of Institutions, pens a heartfelt message for all the teachers featured in MID DAY article.

2018 - August

Article in Times of India

15 August 2018

On 72nd Independence Day, Dr. A.F. Pinto chairman Ryan Group, sends the message of warmth and solidarity. Featured in The Times of India, the message highlights how the idea of patriotism is not only of freedom but about being a responsible citizen too. Having righteous courage, being committed to the betterment of the society and having a sense of belonging to the nation are all part of the essence of being truly free. An independent nation is a cleaner, greener, well-endowed and a caring environment for its citizens to live in and prosper.

2018 - July

Growing Healthy Minds

30 July 2018

#GrowingHealthyMinds - an initiative by Ryan Group of Schools has been featured in DailyHunt!

With over 1 in 5 children going facing mental health issues, Growing Healthy Minds emphasizes on the increasing need among parents and teachers to break the stigma and talk about the psychological issues in children.

If you would like to speak to one of our counselors, leave a message here:
Read the entire article:

2018 - June

Excellence in Education Award

01 June 2018

Mr. Ryan Pinto CEO Ryan Group has been felicitated for Youth Icon of the Year in the Education Industry as well as for Excellence in National Curriculum, Mumbai at the Mid-day Education icons felicitation ceremony.

2018 - February

Ryan Inter Zonal Athletic Championship Meet 2017-18

12 February 2018

The Ryan International schools across Mumbai had organized several zonal events in their schools. The event witnessed more than 3000 enthusiastic students participate with an aim to promote fitness. It proved to be a great success with Ryanites winning several medals and trophies for their praiseworthy performances.

2017 - December

Cultural Exchange Programme 2017-18

16 December 2017

The Cultural Exchange Programme was organized in Ryan International School, Rohini.The students from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland countries participated in the program

2017 - August

Ryan Global School is now exam center of Cambridge English Language Assessment

04 August 2017

In a grand launch, Cambridge English Language Assessment (part of the University of Cambridge) inaugurated a new exam center at Ryan Global School. The event was presided by Mr. Liam Vint, Deputy Director Global Network, Cambridge English Language Assessment, Dr. Snehal Pinto, Director, Ryan Global Schools and Ms. Sonal Pinto, Director, Ryan International Group of Institutions. Ryan Group of schools is the largest chain school group to offer the Cambridge English exams and has under its umbrella 135 schools spread across India. This collaboration will benefit lakhs of students studying in this chain of schools from major cities of India.

Giving is a Gift an article in Hindustan Times

01 August 2017

Madam Grace Pinto MD Ryan Group gives some valuable advice on how to teach the value of giving to children featured in an article by Hindustan Times.

2017 - July

Diploma in Early Childhood teacher Education

01 July 2017

Diploma in Early Childhood teacher Education starting from July 2017

2017 - May

Press Clip MidDay : Lifetime Achievement in Education

16 May 2017

Madam Grace Pinto was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement in Education by MidDay for her immeasurable contribution towards education sector. The award recognizes her untiring efforts & noteworthy contributions towards education.

2017 - April

Swimming champion - Saee Sukale of RIS Nerul.

20 April 2017

Ms. Saee Sukale of Ryan International School, Nerul stuns us with her feat of achievements. She has become the first Asian and youngest Indian girl to complete six different open water swims in Western Cape, South Africa; hence achieving the national record of the Limca Book of Records. She aspires to be the second Indian swimmer to conquer the seven seas and other continents. She is soon going to cover the English Channel in 2018

2017 - March

Education Evangelist of the Year 2017

01 March 2017

Article in Hindustan Times on Madam Grace Pinto MD Ryan Group receives the “Education Evangelist of the Year 2017” award at 3rd Thought Leadership Award, by SkillTree Knowledge Consortium in London, UK.

2017 - February

Approach Exams with Confidence

27 February 2017

Madam Grace Pinto MD Ryan group shares her valuable advice for parents to guide their children during the exam season.The article featured in the Hindustan Times,

Interschool Sports festival 2016-17

17 February 2017

The football team of St. Xavier’s High School excel at Sports Festival.

Journalists in the making

14 February 2017

The article in Time Nie covering the details of budding journalists of Ryan International School who interviewed the former chairman of ISRO and the chief GM of SEBI.

2016 - October

Ryan Press release

23 October 2016

In pursuit of a better future

03 October 2016

Leadership conclave inspires

03 October 2016

2016 - September

Ryan Int. triumph

22 September 2016

World Peace Day

21 September 2016

Ryan minithon road races are back

17 September 2016

St Xavier's hosts flood of events

16 September 2016

Ryan minithon 2016 on Sept 18

12 September 2016

RYAN Group has been recognized by the Guinness World Records

01 September 2016

2016 - July

India's Best School Brands

07 July 2016

Environment week celebration at RIS Nerul

04 July 2016

2016 - June

World Environment Day

19 June 2016


Pride of India Award

14 June 2016

2016 - May

Ryan International Schools amongst the best International Schools of Navi Mumbai

29 May 2016

Hindustan Times

Inspiring Business Leader Award by Economic Times

27 May 2016

Economic Times

2016 - April

Inspiring Business Leader of India

11 April 2016

2016 - March

Bombay Times

27 March 2016

Bombay Times

08 March 2016

Articles on Woman's Day

08 March 2016

2016 - February


26 February 2016

2016 - January

Economic Times

20 January 2016


09 January 2016

The World's Greatest Leaders Award 2015 Asia & GCC

06 January 2016

DNA, Mumbai Edition

05 January 2016

DNA, Mumbai Edition

2015 - December

Ryan Group organized Soccer Camps

17 December 2015

Accolades for excellence in education

16 December 2015

National Football Championship 2015

03 December 2015

2015 - October

Article: Times Of India

15 October 2015

INMUN 2015

12 October 2015

Bombay Times

Samson Daniel Award ( Help Age India)

03 October 2015

Article in Bombay Times

01 October 2015

2015 - September

The Best Schools Survey by Times of India

25 September 2015

Hindustan Times Survey 2015

25 September 2015

Hindustan Times Survey 2015

Article: Times Of India

04 September 2015

Times Of India

Press Clip: RIS Kharghar

01 September 2015

2015 - August

Article in Times Of India, Pune Edition

13 August 2015

Times Of India

Press Clip: Mid Day Sports

10 August 2015

2015 - July

Press Clip: Free Press Journal

29 July 2015


23 July 2015

Press Coverage: UK Exchange Program 2015

23 July 2015

2015 - June

Press Clip: St. Xavier's High School, Hiwri, Nagpur

26 June 2015

Press Clips: Fathers Day Celebration

26 June 2015

2015 - May

Ryan Group Declared Asia's Best K-12 Education Institute

29 May 2015

Press Clip: Bombay Times, 23rd May 2015

23 May 2015

Press Clip : Mid Day

20 May 2015

Press Clip: Bombay Times

20 May 2015

Press Clip: St. Xavier's Hingna Nagpur

11 May 2015

2015 - April

NASA Exchange Program 2015

15 April 2015

Mumbai Mirror

Press Clip: DNA

13 April 2015


Press Clip: MID Day

01 April 2015


2015 - March

Article in Bombay Times

26 March 2015

Bombay Times

Article in Hindustan Times

25 March 2015

Article in Bombay Times

08 March 2015

Bombay Times

Article in The Asian Age

07 March 2015

India Kids Fashion Week

07 March 2015

Press Clip: Women's Leadership Award 2015

04 March 2015

2015 - February

Press Clip: Women's Leadership Award 2015

24 February 2015

The Times Of India

World Women Leader's Award 2015

19 February 2015

Free Press Journal

Ryan International School ICSE Dumas Surat was ranked among the Best Schools

04 February 2015

2015 - January


08 January 2016

Press Coverage: Hindustan Times

23 January 2015

Hindustan Times

Press Coverage: Solar Power

20 January 2015

Hindustan Times

Press Coverage: Maha Suryakumbh event at St. Lawrence Ground, Kandivli East

17 January 2015

Fre Press Journal

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by Ryan Schools

06 January 2015

Hindustan Times


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by Ryan Schools

24 December 2014

Bombay Times

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by Ryan Schools

19 December 2014

Ryan Schools Food Bucket Challenge

04 December 2014

Children's Day

14 November 2014

Times Of India